9 March 2022

AREPO welcomes FEVAO as an associate member!

1 March 2022

EU GIs stakeholders express their concerns on the upcoming GI policy reform

10 November 2021

GI reform: the sectors unite against the weakening of the GI system

3 June 2021

AREPO welcomes UNIPR among its associate members!

17 May 2021

AREPO welcomes AFIGIA as an associate member!

18 January 2016

Partner search Promotion Projects – Work Programme 2016

18 May 2015

RUMRA, the EP Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas

3 June 2013

oriGIn and AREPO congratulate the European authorities and identify priorities for the remainder of 2013

14 March 2013

AREPO and AREFLH, a commitment to work together to deliver better results

10 March 2012

AREPO’S General Assembly: Take-off of new lobbying group on olive oil that brings together more than 50% of the European production