GIs toolbox


eAmbrosia | European Commission

eAmbrosia is a legal register of the names of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wine, aromatised wine products and spirit drinks that are registered and protected across the EU. It provides a direct access to information on all registered GIs, including the legal instruments of protection and product specifications. It also displays key dates and links for applications and publications before the GIs are registered.

GIview | EUIPO

GIview is a database for all GIs protected at EU level, created and maintained by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It provides a single entry point for data on GIs registered in the EU, and is a useful asset for consumers, producers and intellectual property professionals. It also contains detailed information on non-EU GIs protected at EU level through bilateral and multilateral agreements, and on EU GIs protected in non-EU countries.

GIs portal | FAO

The FAO GIs portal has been created from the collaboration on GIs between two divisions in FAO, the Food and Nutrition division (ESN) and the Investment Center (CFI). It provides actors working on GIs information about the FAO’s approach to GIs as well as specific publications and projects supported by FAO.  

GIs database | WIPO

The WIPO GIs database compiles the replies provided by SCT members (Standing Commitee on the law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and GIs) in response to the questionnaires on the national and regional systems that can provide a certain protection to GIs (SCT/40/5) and on the use/misuse of GIs, country names and geographical terms on the Internet and in the Domain Name System (DNS) (SCT/40/6).

GI Database | ASEAN

ASEAN GI Database is the common online geographical indications platform of the ASEAN Member States aimed at making the information of all registered geographical indications in the ASEAN region widely available and easily accessible to all interested stakeholders.

GIs observatory | Qualivita

The Fondazione Qualivita GIs observatory contains daily updated data on PDOs, PGIs, TSGs in the world: in-depth analysis by EU country and Italian regions, navigable maps, infographics, studies and search engines on new registrations and regulations.

GIs database | INPI

The INPI GIs database (French National Institute of Industrial Property) contains all the data on French non-agricultural GIs (industrial and craft products GIs) published in the BOPI (bibliographical information, notices and decisions published in the BOPI, specifications, summaries of public enquiries).